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Insurance and Risk Management made for Mutuals
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Sean Lindsay

Account Director Manager

+61 3 9657 4394

Email: Sean Lindsay

Insurance & Risk Management made for Mutuals

IFS Insurance Solutions is committed to partnering with mutuals that share our values - organisations established for the benefit of their members.


This, combined with our extensive experience gained from working with industry superannuation funds and other financial institutions, makes us the perfect insurance and risk partner for your mutual.


Get the insurance coverage that's right for your organisation


Getting insurance directly through an insurer usually means that you get the insurance that the insurer has to offer, not necessarily the insurance that your organisation needs.


As a leading insurance broking and consulting firm, IFS Insurance Solutions works for your organisation. Our strong market experience combined with our client advocacy focus ensures a tailored insurance program for your organisation that is highly competitive.


Does your organisation have...

  • Adequate protection for directors and officers?

  • Tailored insurance policies to meet your needs?

  • Access to a broad range of insurers?

  • Access to the right insurance advice and solutions?

  • Market leading insurance programs to benefit your members & customers?

  • Insurance through a company with a “value for members” focus?


We've got you covered

We can help your mutual get the right insurance cover and service. Here’s some of the ways we can help:


For your organisation


For your members / customers

  • Home & Contents

  • Motor Vehicle

  • Income Protection

  • Life Insurance

  • Mortgage Protection

  • Health Fund


For more information on insurance & risk management made for mutuals please contact us.

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