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Our Approach

Client advocacy

Our client advocacy model forms the starting point of our business relationship with clients and is the common thread across our operating methodology, philosophy and culture. It consists of the following key principles:


IFS Insurance Solutions' Client Advocacy Model

This model begins with us gaining a clear understanding of a client's business, operations and activities, as well as a thorough understanding of their risk needs and requirements. Using the vast experience and skills base of our insurance specialists, we then work in partnership with the client to provide customised solutions designed to meet their needs and objectives.


We proactively advocate our clients’ insurance needs and interests in the market place with a view to securing the best possible coverage and services available. We are innovative, responsive and transparent in our dealings, ensuring that we deliver a more comprehensive and trusted level of service to clients than our competitors.


Our client advocacy model and the pursuit of the key underlying principles are paramount in contributing to the success of our clients.


Our clients’ interests are not only central to our philosophy, they are the driving force of our business.


Holistic approach to procuring insurance

While other insurance brokers and consultants may be exclusively product-oriented, IFS Insurance Solutions takes a holistic approach to procuring insurance to ensure that our clients’ insurance programs meet their strategic, operational, financial and risk management needs.


This holistic approach aids in the design of the insurance program which is focused on risk, not product.



Holistic approach to procuring insurance
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