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About us

IFS Insurance Solutions was established in 1995 by Industry Fund Services to provide a range of value-added, strategic insurance related services to industry super funds, associated network entities and quality organisations.

Specifically, we were created to provide:

  • Strategic and forward thinking insurance strategies and services

  • Insurance programs that are firmly aligned with the needs and requirements of the clients' objectives and exposures

  • Custodian services to ensure the ongoing relevancy and currency of the client’s program

  • Insurance product and service development to reflect changing market conditions and/or emerging risks

Our philosophy is built on advocating our clients’ interests in the insurance market. We are engaged by clients to understand their needs and activities and develop effective strategies to transfer risk to the insurance market at a competitive premium. We are also engaged to ensure our clients’ programs maintain currency with changing markets and developments.


Our point of difference is our ability to listen to clients and develop a partnership to provide a broad range of conventional, specialist and non-conventional services that are designed to take clients well into the future in the area of insurance.

We are majority owned by ASX 200 listed Steadfast Group Limited (SDF). Please visit the Steadfast website to learn more about how their scale & strength allows us to best service your business.

About Insurance Solutions
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