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Directors and officers are exposed to significant personal liability when they carry out their duties in relation to their company. They can be held liable for their own actions as well as the actions of others. The consequences of this personal liability could be financially disastrous.


Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance can provide protection for directors’ and officers’ liability as a result of unintentional or accidental wrongful acts they commit (or have been alleged to have committed) and for the costs they incur in attending investigations and defending litigation for breaches of duties they owe as directors or officers of a company.


Key benefits of Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance:

  • Personal protection for persons who have duties and responsibilities to a company

  • Advance payment of defence costs

  • Attendance at investigations

Those parties or persons who could take action against the directors and officers are wide and varied. Claims may arise from:

  • Shareholders – they are owed a certain duty of care as stakeholders of the company

  • Regulatory Authorities, such as ASIC, APRA or the ACCC – for allegations of breaches of legislative requirements or anti-competitive behaviours.

  • Employees – can bring personal actions against executives for alleged conduct such as unfair dismissal, discrimination or sexual harassment.

  • Creditors – bringing actions such as alleging trading whilst insolvent.

  • Competitors – can bring actions against executives for defamation, infringement of patent or copyright and restrictive trade practices.


For more information on Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance please contact us.



Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance

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