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Affinity Programs Insurance
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Affinity Programs

An Affinity Program can often help superannuation funds, unions, associations and other large organisations deliver a range of value-adding and ancillary insurance products to their members at a significant premium discount than that available to members elsewhere in the market.


In addition, such a program can assist greatly with member\customer\employee retention and growth strategies and build further engagement and equity in an organisations brand.


We can assist organisations to develop and deliver an Affinity Program that provides for a range of insurance products for members under a basis which is consistent with the organisation’s value proposition.


Affinity Products:

  • Home Insurance

  • Contents Insurance

  • Investment Property Insurance

  • Income Protection

  • Accident and Sickness

  • Trauma

  • Travel insurance

  • Specific Injury / Capital Benefits

  • Funeral

  • Health Insurance

  • Mortgage Protection

  • Credit Card Insurance

  • Public Liability

  • Tools of Trade


For more information on Affinity Programs please contact us.

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